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5 August 2016.

Thanks to several sources of help, we were able to acquire school uniforms and shoes to sponsor 52 of our children for attendance in a school! In this photo you see that we are on the way home from band practice when there was a deluge. We took shelter, then arrived to find that our home was flooded and the food was ruined. Please help us with funds to replace our stock of beans and posho.

We would be glad someday to have a regular income to pay a higher rent in a zone less subject to flooding when it rains.

Greetings to all friends of Happy Angels Youth Brass Band.

30 July 2016. "Non formal schools in the slums of Uganda face formidable challenges with lack of teaching staff and learning materials. We are working with 1 non-formal school in the community. Uganda suffers from a severe shortage of teachers (with a teacher to student ratio of 1:40) and also a shortage of reading materials.

With your donation, My team of 3 volunteers are teaching and carrying out targeted mentorship for the children in school, teaching formal music which is so hard compared to the numbers of children at school with the instruments and its the only thing we can do for the 52 children we took to the school with nothing including no uniforms, shoes, books or other essentials. This has partly been an unintended consequence of Uganda's success in increasing primary school enrollment.

Again, we are ill equipped with learning materials. This includes providing teaching assistance, distributing reading materials, individually supporting the children in most needs through mentorship, and organizing extra-curricular activities such as sports, reading clubs, life skills mentoring. We shall be a success if more local children finish school with a high level of literacy and core skills to succeed in life.

Happy Angels Brass Band has been positioned for phased implementation. And we hereby friends, kindly ask for love and support and aid in any way it might be a donation, a visit or any anything through our gofundme page. May God bless you as you support our education."

Today, 20th of March 2016, to our dismay we are being chased away from our rental. The main reason being we are very many in number. Many street children are coming over to join us at least to learn music; but since we are many and we dont have private land we are given only 2 months to vacate the area. We hereby ask friends and well wishers to support us in this hard time we are going through. Any kind of support is appreciated be it advice or anything.
God bless you people 
Edrine Wasswa, music director
Hello friends am running a project called Happy Angels Youth Brass Band that helps needy children in my community and I have many friends who have helped our project so much. Please help us.

We join hands together to thank the people who have made this project successful. Mr. Manuel Martin of Spain, and Mr. Roy Howard of USA, who have given so much to the Happy Angels Youth Brass Band; and Mr.Tim Norris. The children are so happy for you guys and may God bless you all.

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