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About the
Happy Angels
Youth Brass Band

Happy Angels
Youth Brass Band
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Kampala, Uganda


The project proposal was based on the zeal to provide the best publicity, means, advertisements and logistics to the society through music and most especially the marching brass band music.

Our brass band is far dated to 2003 when it started with an aim of providing services to children ranging in schools and extending our music to the whole public through performances on almost all occasions through entertainment, advertising and logistics.

This was done to raise tuition, fees to less privileged children a round our community i.e Bwaise 111, St. Franise Zone.


We are much aware of the need for a high base of strategizing through advertisements and promotion, sponsorships etc.

Our major objective is to work hand in hand with our community people to uplift the level of services through our performances.

Our organization is well established to our knowledge but with new idea of training members, we are quite sure it will move to the greater level.



Happy Angels Youth Brass Band is the best performing brass band in the region in terms of marching brass bands.

This is through the number of clients to whom we offer our services, mainly schools (From Nursery, Primary, and Secondary institutions.)

Based on our experience in brass band music industry our objective is to handle hand in hand logistics with our community people with well disciplined, moral and experienced members to provide services.

The major need for people’s support is to nature the talents of children through brass band music by raising funds for them and generate income and other side income projects through working with our brass band members.


To train youth/children and uplift their music talents to enhance a happy life. To educate the needy children so that can leave a self reliant life. to open more income generating projects i.e poultry keeping, trialing, live stock rearing.

To establish home for the brass band project (head quarters) because where we are just renting both the dormitory and office.


Having performed a number of functions, we believe to be well positioned to provide qualitative services.

We are sure of our commitment to working with community people from now and always by choosing Happy Angels Youth Brass Band, you should assured of efficient and reliable services from us.

For God and My Country

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